Marketing Tips to Attract More Patients into Your Practice

Overhead for doctors continues to climb and squeeze profits.  Each year, doctors spend thousands of dollars on advertising in attempt to attract new patients and grow their practice.  The truth is, there’s more tickling you need to do for marketing, to get patients through the door.

Here are some helpful tips to make your marketing message stand out the most.

1. Focus your attention on the patient.

Rather than just listing your services and products; take out the “your” and replace it with “we” and “our.”  Sympathize with how the patient feels when coming in for an appointment.  Take into account the amount of time they have to wait, the results they receive, the level of pain they experience.

2. Don’t begin an ad with your name or logo.

The most important piece of any marketing material is the headline.  Unless your name is Apple, Starbucks, Adidas, your logo will not attract any patients into your practice.  Grab their attention by using catchy headlines that will make them want to keep reading.
3. Create a call to action

Include a low-risk offer, discount, free consultation or money back guarantee.  While the headline is important, many skip down to the bottom of an article.  Let them know why you stand out!  No worries!  It’s not good enough just listing your phone number at the bottom, you have to give them a reason TO call.

4. Educate, Educate, Educate!

A long lasting patient who cares about their health, wants to know the reasoning behind their fiasco.  Instead of listing your credentials, give them tips and ideas to follow through.  Let them know you will work a step by step plan to recovery.  Education based marketing will also be perceived as more valuable (patient may hold onto your brochure/flyer to use as a reference!)

5. Track Your Results

All about progress.  Track to see where your marketing dollars are working the most effectively.  Some ways to track are to use different phone numbers as a call to action,  experiment with different campaigns, email marketing, flyers, broadcast on TV, radio.  You never know what works the best, until you’ve tried them all!

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