High Deductible Plan and Can’t Afford a Doctor?

Are you getting medical insurance through your employer and stuck with an enormously high deductible plan?  Do you feel like you never want to step foot inside a doctors office, just because you’re scared of the costs?  Are you just paying for insurance to avoid being penalized for not having it?

No-one wants to be without health insurance, it’s scary.  But, brace yourself: Within a few years, your only choice for health insurance through your employer may be that high-deductible health plan.  It’s important to act smart now.  Everyone should evaluate how much money they’re fishing out to insurance companies each month and measure it to how frequently you actually visit your doctor.  Every case is different and every one is different.  We’re not advocating for you to not have insurance, of course you should in case something catastrophic happens.

Why are so many companies offering high deductible plans?  Because they push most of the cost onto the workers.  Right now we’re living in an era called “consumer-directed” healthcare, and the idea is that the consumer is financially looking for the best deal possible — even your employer.

High-deductible plans aren’t a poor choice for everyone though.  If you’re healthy, you shouldn’t need to go to a doctor for more than routine screenings.  You still have the savings cushion to cover your deductible, leaving you to pay lower months premiums, it’s not horrible… it’s reasonable.  Those high-deductible plans are supposed to nudge you to shop around for lower prices for nonemergency care, but very few people are doing that. Read more : http://blog.umahealth.com/


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