Don’t be a Neanderthal, Use UMA to Find Your Dentist

130,000 years ago our Neanderthal cousins used toothpicks to aid in dental pain and discomfort according to research at the University of Kansas. This based on a discovery in Croatia in around 120 years ago.

“As a package, this fits together as a dental problem that the Neanderthal was having and was trying to presumably treat itself, with the toothpick grooves, the breaks and also with the scratches on the premolar,” said David Frayer, professor emeritus of anthropology. “It was an interesting connection or collection of phenomena that fit together in a way that we would expect a modern human to do. Everybody has had dental pain, and they know what it’s like to have a problem with an impacted tooth.”

Luckily there is no need to use caveman tools to fix your teeth these days thanks to UMA Health, the service which skips insurance and allows you to find a dentist or doctor and save up to 89%.

UMA stands ready to connect you with the doctor you need – we are available in the New York Area and initially targeting podiatrists, mental health and dentists. We are open to all doctors and we welcome new patients.

Use our platform, save money and also get 5% back to spend on future visits. Book Great Neck dentist now by cost, distance and availability.


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