Remove your wisdom teeth today: Here’s how

So, you’ve had wisdom teeth (molars) your whole life.  Never did they cause a problem, except for that feeling in the morning.  You wake up with bad breath, an unpleasant taste when having breakfast and WAM, next comes a headache, a jaw ache, swelling, the list goes on and on.  So – you pop two Advil, some breath mints.  Everything is fine, right?  Who can afford to see the dentist, oral surgeon anyway.  That is way too expensive.

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in damage to other teeth.  This is because the position of the tooth is hard to clean and in result is more susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, etc. If left untreated, in rare cases, un-proper dental hygiene can lead to tumors and breed cysts.  Impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to damage to the sinuses, near the upper wisdom teeth.  Leaving your wisdom teeth in can also damage the nerves, which can alter the sensation in your tongue, lower lip and/or chin.

It’s possible to remove your wisdom teeth: today. provides a list of Great Neck dentist with pricing and availability.  UMA doesn’t take insurance, so what you pay is what you get!  No worries, no surprise bills, the doctor is solely focused on one thing: getting those molar(s) out!

It’s super important to see your doctor right away if you’re experiencing the above symptoms.  The oral surgeon/dentist may ask for an x-ray at the time of visit.  If you have an x-ray from the past, they may ask you to bring it with you.  You will be given local anesthesia “sleepy medicine,” and you will not feel a thing.  You can get your molar(s) taken out the same day as your initial consultation visit!  The doctor will go over everything with you in detail.

So stop worrying about your health – get care now using UMA.


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