WSJ: Shop and Pay Cash on Healthcare to Save 89%

Free markets are generally by rules of economics, such as: supply and demand and other principles we’re accustomed to, like paying more for quality service. The health insurance companies however have come between patients and their healthcare for so long that patients generally don’t know what the cost is of most of the care they receive.

Doctors, also, don’t generally know when they will be paid for procedures or the amount – payments can take up to three months or longer.

There has been a trend recently in the media and from our politicians to push for cash-based payment for medical services – bypassing insurance for all but catastrophic incidents like major surgery.

The idea is gaining momentum and for good reason. An article from the Wall Street Journal details how a colonoscopy in San Francisco varies between $600 and $5,500 meaning if the prices were known and you could shop them, you could save 89% on this single procedure. A woman who starts getting colonoscopies at age 40 and continues receiving them every three years until age 80 – the typical female lifespan in the U.S. could save more than $63,000 on colonoscopies alone. Read more :


Affordable Doctor Visits are Here

The prepayment strategies are being rolled out by hospitals across the country because the financial equation has changed so much for patients – even the insured ones.

Patients who can’t afford care, most often times than not delay procedures, don’t follow advice on prescription drugs, which lead to more expensive procedures down the road because they’ve waited.

“A well informed patient is more likely to meet their obligations,” he said. “It’s just good patient relations and it helps to minimize bad debt.”  – Brian Sanderson, managing principal of Crowe Horwath’s healthcare services group.

Sanderson states that communicating with patients and providing longer repayment options is a good strategy since hospital margins have shrunk, thanks to growing unpaid medical bills from consumers.

Although, what if you could control your medical expenses by knowing the cost of care up front – and use insurance only if it were absolutely necessary?  That’s why UMA was created.  UMA is growing rapidly on the east coast and connecting patients to affordable care each and every day.  It’s basically like having doctors on demand – complete transparency; you know the cost, distance and availability of doctors in your neighborhood. Know more about Great Neck dentist at

Uma Health

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